Sticking to a balanced diet keeps you healthy and active, but there are some situations that warrant exceptions in your diet. If you’re going to see your dentist for IV sedation, you’ll have to follow some specific guidelines to make sure the procedure can carry on the way it should. Keep reading if you’re wondering if you can eat before sedation.

Sedation dentistry is a dental health lifesaver for people from all walks of life. It calms you down during your procedure, limits your gag reflex, and lets you have multiple treatments done in the same visit. IV sedation is safe if it’s being administered by a professional, but you also have to follow the instructions leading up to the procedure. One of the most important parts is remembering not to eat before undergoing oral surgery. You need to have an empty stomach to take on this kind of treatment, and eating or even drinking water before your appointment could push everything back.

The Oak Creek Dental Care experts will tell you exactly how to prepare for IV sedation near Columbus, Ohio. Peruse our website or call us at 614-808-8478 if you’re in need of dental cleaning or periodontal disease treatment.


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