A dental emergency can be a painful and stressful experience for any member of your family. Whether you have a bad toothache or a broken tooth, you will want to contact your emergency dentist as soon as the problem arises. Emergency dentists have the special tools that are needed to treat all of the most frequently experienced dental emergencies. Let’s review some of the most common dental emergencies, as well as how you can manage your symptoms while you wait for your dental appointment.


Toothaches are perhaps among the most commonly experienced dental emergencies for patients of all ages. If you or a loved one suddenly develops a severe toothache, you will want to start by washing your mouth out with warm, salty water. The warm salt water will soothe the affected area. Cold compresses and over the counter pain medications can also treat symptoms when you are waiting for your dental appointment.

Chipped Teeth
A chipped tooth can be caused by a sudden trauma to the head, or even by foods that are excessively hard and brittle. In the event that you chip a tooth, you will want to make sure that you collect and save any missing enamel that you are able to recover. Your emergency dentist may be able to reconstruct your tooth using these pieces.

Missing Tooth
Unless you are a young child, a missing tooth is a significant dental emergency. When you lose one or more of your adult teeth all of a sudden, it is important to make an appointment with the emergency dentist right away. A dentist can either reinsert the tooth or provide you with a cosmetic replacement.

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