If the thought of visiting your dentist sends shivers down your spine, you may want to ask your dental care professional about the possibility of using I.V. sedation at your next appointment. With I.V. sedation, you will be placed in a calm and relaxed state for the duration of your procedure. To highlight the benefits of this dental care technique, let’s take a look at what all patients should know about I.V. sedation.

Advantages of I.V. Sedation

There are many benefits to choosing I.V. sedation for your next dental appointment. This type of sedation is a great choice for any patient that suffers from serious anxiety during dental exams or procedures. Since I.V. sedation is designed to gently relax you and ease your worries, you may find that you have a much more pleasant experience when you receive work from your dentist.

Levels of I.V. Sedation

Your dentist may be able to offer a couple of levels of I.V. sedation during your appointment. While some patients prefer to be only mildly sedated, others would like to have the sensation that they are sleeping during their treatment. While you may feel as though you are sleeping, your dental care professional will always make sure that you are conscious enough to communicate safely during your appointment.

Candidates for I.V. Sedation

There are a few types of patients that are great candidates for sedation dentistry. If you have a strong fear of the dentist, I.V. sedation may be the right choice for you. I.V. sedation is also used for patients that are receiving several procedures during one appointment, or people that have a tendency to gag during dental exams.

At Oak Creek Dental Care, we are pleased to provide our patients with safe and gentle I.V. sedation services. When you visit our emergency dentist in Columbus, we will be happy to provide you with additional information about the benefits of our sedation methods. To set up a dental cleaning procedure, give our office a call at 614-808-8478.


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